Hi, i make things.

My name is Ryan Seekely, and Happy Koalas is my brand for freelance development, project management, consulting, and an eclectic set of side projects and ventures. My background consists of stints in the video game industry, co-founding a new media advertising startup, and a collection of client work. Ultimately, I love being involved in the creation of fun, interactive products.

When it comes to freelancing, I work really hard to get the job done right and of higher quality. I work honestly, pragmatically and efficiently. I have zero tolerance for wasting your time or money.

If you would like to talk shop, or you have a project to which I could offer my services, call me at 415-230-0583, shoot me an email at ryan.seekely@happykoalas.com, or use the contact form below.

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services offered

Have me jump onto your project wherever you need help the most -- whether that be programming, designing a few features, getting a creative or technical opinion, brainstorming, putting together and managing a small team, building out an infrastructure, or taking your project from start to finish.

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FAQ & Info

  • What's my rate?

  • My rate varies based on my availability, the project, and my role, but currently I invoice up to $4,350 a week, up to $870 a day, or up to $145 an hour.

  • What are my specialities? What's in my 'wheelhouse'?

  • For the last five years, I have been programming web backends. And ever since I got my hands on a TI-83 at the age of thirteen, I have been making games. Backend programming for games is my speciality.

    However, I try to be technically and creatively diverse, and I have plenty of experience taking a wide variety of projects and roles from start to finish.

  • What am I not so good at?

  • I draw and pick out colors poorly. I even fear tracing things. And while I'm not afraid of jQuery or Html or Css, I make a slow front end engineer.

    To compensate for my deficiencies, I work with a people like Brendan Marnell of Rocdove (the designer of happykoalas.com).

  • What's my favorite kind of project?

  • Any project which lends itself to creativity or using multiple tools in my toolbox catches my attention. Interactive media and games really hit those points.

  • Do I have a resume? Am I looking for full time employment?

  • I happen to have a resume. I am not, however, seeking full time employment.

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Explore my place for quick thoughts, fine tuned commentary, and any posts even remotely relevant to Happy Koalas.

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The open source world has made my career possible. Happy Koalas is happy to start giving back.

Contact me

If you would like to talk shop or have a project for me, call me at 415-230-0583, shoot me an email at ryan.seekely@happykoalas.com, or use the contact form below.

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